When you give a gift, Give a Gift that Gives Back

So you've got this incredible bag and you're wondering how do I care for it. Simple.

Every bag is handmade and unique so NO two bags will be alike. The front image shown on the website will be very close to what you receive, the back and sides could be different and just as cool if not cooler.

Use a damp rag to clean it. Don't leave it in sitting outside. It will break down the plastic fibers faster.

The colors will smudge on your skin if you use lotion or sunscreen and have your skin against it.

Due to the nature of the material (which was either a cement bag, rice bag or fish food bag) it will fade over time. This adds a well worn in loved look.

Some of the prints lend well to coloring or adding glitter to pop. We've changed the mermaids hair to red,brown and black. The fish to have glittering scales etc..