When you give a gift, Give a Gift that Gives Back

You've seen these bags in current catalogs and fashion magazines. Why are they so hot? They're handmade! Not mass produced in large quantities. Fair Trade means they aren't paid pennies a day to work in a factory. Every article has been made by a person who really thanks YOU everyday that YOU purchased their bag. You have helped someone in need put food on their table and a roof over their head. How cool is that! Thank you for shopping with us!

Soon you will have to bring your own bags to all stores, why not carry a bag that helps sustain the disadvantaged.

THIS1BAG is well constructed and heavy duty. The double lining guarantees years of use. It was used to carry heavy loads of rice and feed before being reinvented into these great bags. This also means the bags are 100% recycled!

Each bag is handmade. Not off a production line. Every one is unique! That means every bag is different and what you see on the front of the bag will be available, but the back, sides and interior may look even better than the sample picture.

We give back too!

THIS1BAG not only give back to charities here in the US, but each bag provides a better life for land mine victims, students, polio survivors and single mothers. You can be assured that you are not supporting child labor. Handcrafted by land mine victims, polio survivors and students. These bags are made with pride from Cambodians who want to live a full abundant life.

All the workers are involved in vocational training. Cambodians from poor backgrounds can receive training and employment in the art of handicraft production.

The products you buy support a wonderful group of hard working people. People who love the jobs they have and the opportunity to provide for their families. The Artisan' Association of Cambodia (AAC) is a Fair Trade Association. Fair trade enables the disabled and economically challenged to earn a fair wage to support themselves and families.

A terrific way to say No to Ugly retail bags and YES to a one of a kind handcrafted bag that not only helps the environment but the disabled and economically challenged as well.